Zend hat das Zend Framework in Version 1.0.3 veröffentlicht. Auch wenn auf der Webseite noch keine Release Notes zu finden sind, kann man sich aus dem Jira Issuetracker des Zend Framework Projektes die „nderungen von 1.0.3 anschauen.
Neben einigen Bugfixes gibt es auch neue Features, z.B. gibt es jetzt Unterstützung für YouTube Webservices und die Media Features der Google data API.
Download des Zend Framework unter http://framework.zend.com/download

Ich gebe noch die Release Notes aus dem Issuetracker wieder, Zend wird diese sicherlich noch auf der Webseite in einer News zusammenfassen.Release Notes – Zend Framework – Version 1.0.3


  • [ZF-1049] – Problem with Zend_Locale_Format and setlocale()
  • [ZF-1061] – Use of PHP’s setlocale() may break functionality in Zend_Locale_Format
  • [ZF-1687] – Values in Zend_View_Helper_FormCheckbox – Unexpected Functionality
  • [ZF-1741] – Zend_Date::RSS won’t parse some valid dates
  • [ZF-1751] – Zend_Translate class ambigous _constructor
  • [ZF-1799] – Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Base64 is saved to XML request in decoded form
  • [ZF-1825] – Zend_XmlRpc_Server_Fault whitelist checks for exact class
  • [ZF-1915] – Missing prefix in action controller helper url
  • [ZF-1930] – [patch] Zend_View_Helper_FormSelect mistakenly sets options with value of 0 to selected
  • [ZF-1936] – Zend_Translate_Adapter::getMessageIds() – Returns locales list instead of locale message ids
  • [ZF-1938] – Zend_Translate_Adapter – Dictionary inconsistence with Tmx adapter
  • [ZF-1941] – Only Zend_Locale_Math_Sub() bcsub substitution function process scale argument
  • [ZF-1944] – Zend_Mail can’t send mails to qmail server
  • [ZF-1946] – Singleton object clonable
  • [ZF-1990] – Time specified in Zend_Date::__construct assumed to be GMT-time
  • [ZF-1991] – Unet tests error „Creating default object from empty value“
  • [ZF-2004] – Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract processes profiler option wrongly for certain Zend_Config objects.
  • [ZF-2011] – A typo in toCurrency()
  • [ZF-2016] – Can not enable db profiler from zend_config_ini
  • [ZF-2021] – Zend_Config::toArray() does not support generic object values
  • [ZF-2025] – $_noController value overwritten due to a flaw in the logic…
  • [ZF-2039] – DST doesn’t work on dates after 2038
  • [ZF-2046] – Export the weekday not properly in Chinese
  • [ZF-2047] – Date parts set would be incorrect if locale region is zh
  • [ZF-2053] – Undefined property: Zend_XmlRpc_Request::$_xmlRpcParams
  • [ZF-2054] – Formatted month and day values are sometimes inverted
  • [ZF-2063] – toCurrency leaves off ending when bcmath is disabled
  • [ZF-2081] – Zend_Locale_Data creating cacheId fails when cache is set/enable
  • [ZF-2085] – getName(), getShortName() and getSymbol() throw an exception
  • [ZF-2087] – Strange behavior with YYYY
  • [ZF-2092] – XML-RPC client fails during parsing of response with empty array on PHP-5.2.4
  • [ZF-2111] – PDO MSSQL Adapter does not work with port
  • [ZF-2135] – Zend_Locale_Data::getContent() contains invalid implode() calls
  • [ZF-2162] – Zend_Config_Xml usage without sections bug
  • [ZF-2174] – getBrowser() can mess up language priority
  • [ZF-2205] – Can’t load the language file correctly
  • [ZF-2226] – Zend_Db_Statement prints out debug information
  • [ZF-2232] – is_readable keeps Zend_Config_Ini from allowing files in include path
  • [ZF-2240] – Zend_Config_Xml can’t find extended nodes (possibly only when empty)

Coding Standard

  • [ZF-1956] – Zend class in Zend_View’s docblock
  • [ZF-2008] – Poorely written cunstructor and its flexible parameters
  • [ZF-2129] – Wrong subpackage tag in DeclareVars and Url helpers‘ docblock

Docs: Improvement

  • [ZF-1730] – Conventional modular doc examples need improvement
  • [ZF-1759] – Document isXmlHttpRequest()
  • [ZF-1999] – The missing getStaticHelper()
  • [ZF-2164] – Zend_Session_Validator_Interface method docblocks do not include return types

Docs: Problem

  • [ZF-1753] – Typo error
  • [ZF-1907] – Fix incorrect Zend_Db_Table_Abstract::fetchRow() docblock
  • [ZF-1951] – exception name of example of Zend_XmlRpc_Client Document is needed to correct
  • [ZF-1966] – Documentation missing getUserParam() for Request object
  • [ZF-2000] – Interesting intro at ViewRenderer in API Docs
  • [ZF-2040] – Literal error in example 9.21
  • [ZF-2126] – Zend_Db_Statement documentation grammar fix
  • [ZF-2127] – Outdated note in Zend_Db_Table_Row documentation
  • [ZF-2202] – Wildcard and range queries are described in the documentation but not included into current current release
  • [ZF-2222] – phpDoc of _prepareRest in Zend_Rest_Client has wrong throws name


  • [ZF-1807] – Add method Zend_Translate_Adapter::_() as an alias for Zend_Translate_Adapter::translate()
  • [ZF-1937] – Zend_Translate_Adapter – Required method to retrieve Zend_Translate_Adapter::$_translate
  • [ZF-1939] – Zend_Translate – Implements __call() magic method
  • [ZF-1967] – Allow setLocale to work with autodetection
  • [ZF-1974] – library/Zend/Locale/Math/PhpMath.php contains globally-scoped functions and executed code
  • [ZF-2007] – Zend_Currency variables should be protected, not private
  • [ZF-2010] – Static methods poorly written
  • [ZF-2036] – Category queries should be available at the GData level
  • [ZF-2051] – setweekday() parameters rule does not same as display rule
  • [ZF-2084] – escape values by default
  • [ZF-2086] – Zend_Translate TMX adapter collapses XML tags
  • [ZF-2090] – More efficient differentiation between structs and arrays
  • [ZF-2179] – make method getBrowser() static
  • [ZF-2207] – Make Zend_config_Ini and Zend_Config_Xml test if the file passed to them is readable
  • [ZF-2209] – Zend_Config* contructor should have the section defaults to null
  • [ZF-2218] – Zend_View_Helper_Url and url encoding

New Feature

  • [ZF-1616] – Add support for the PWA data API
  • [ZF-1619] – Add support for the media features of Google data APIs
  • [ZF-1770] – Integrate a way to autoset the best found locale as language
  • [ZF-1771] – Integrate a new locale for autoselecting best fitting locale
  • [ZF-1773] – New option to scan the complete directory for source files
  • [ZF-1774] – New option to scan all subdirectories for source files
  • [ZF-1918] – Add support for YouTube
  • [ZF-1929] – „fix_dst“ problem
  • [ZF-2002] – Add support for Documents List API
  • [ZF-2009] – Basic functions to get full name, short name and symbol from current instance
  • [ZF-2061] – Add a seal() method to Zend_Config


  • [ZF-2079] – Zend_Locale_Data misspelt variable self::$cache should be self::$_cache in setCache function

Unit Tests: Problem

  • [ZF-1349] – testHtml(Zend_Search_Lucene_DocumentTest) failing
  • [ZF-1977] – testFilesystem(Zend_Search_Lucene_Storage_FileTest) failed
  • [ZF-1996] – Test failure testFilesystem(Zend_Search_Lucene_Storage_FileTest)
  • [ZF-2031] – testTemperatureSetType1(Zend_Measure_TemperatureTest) failing
  • [ZF-2032] – testSet2(Zend_DateTest) failing
  • [ZF-2182] – Zend_CurrencyTest, Zend_DateTest failing